Flourish – Thrive Prosper Bloom

Flourish stretches across the façade of The Milton as a type of membrane; a reveal of an intricate inner structure linking interior and exterior spaces; filtering air, light and shade. The interlocking forms gather themselves to intensity in the centre, as though this second skin were breathing, swelling to open out as a chemical exchange and as if part of wider structures and systems of energy flow. The work knits and folds in upon itself and into the built form, circulating energy – light, shade, colour – in ever repeating patterns.

Flourish references the site context of Milton as a rich point of intensity in the development of Brisbane – from its natural pre-settlement geography of fresh water creeks feeding the Brisbane River, providing fertile hunting and fishing grounds for Aboriginal people, to the early township farms established on the rich alluvial flats. Inspired by the micro structure of plant cellulose, Flourish expresses concepts of growth, mimicking the natural processes of cell division and reproduction while referencing native flora for its colour palette. The early settlement farms were quickly followed by industry and transport systems and today Milton continues to thrive as a key node for social and commercial exchange. Flourish thus attempts to capture and express the layers of these site relationships.

Flourish for The Milton Residences (Brisbane) completed 2015
Artwork Façade Area 500sqm
Commissioned by Aveo Group Pty Ltd and Hutchinson Builders