Waterson employs a rich palette of materials to realise three-dimensional surfaces and forms that enrich public spaces by extending our spatial perception. Waterson finds beauty in repetition. Her weavings, foldings and arabesques transport the viewer into the spatial and rhythmic qualities of her work.

Waterson’s public artworks are site-specific and respond to the scale and natural history of their locale. The materiality and form of Waterson’s surfaces subtly reflect changes in light and shadow, and beautifully frame their surrounding environment.

‘My work reconfigures our perception of spatial depth and place. I am listening and sensing all of the time to tune into the material, the essence of the artwork and space around it. In turn the layered surfaces, structures and three dimensional patterns I create make for an evolving experience revealing the delicate complexity and depth of space.’ Christina Waterson

Her body of work includes:

  • Sculptural Surfaces
  • Photography
  • Private and Public Artwork Commissions
  • Photography, Illustration, and Video Animation